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Consulting and advisory services in the Renewable Energy and Photovoltaics Industry.

Syntegra is known for its deep expertise and experience in PV Expert Engineering for PV Power Plants and advanced PV Power Systems.

Syntegra offers comprehensive PV Expert Services, namely Owners’ Engineer Services and Lenders’ Technical Advisor Services, in most countries in South-East Asia.

Top-quality and reliable EPC Services for PV Power Systems are being extended by TSS TONA Syntegra Solar, headquartered in Saigon, but offered in most South East Asian countries.

Jointly with regional partners, we excel in Technical O&M Services, allowing to offer the rapid deployment of Expert Teams to solve urgent technical problems for operating RE/PV assets, but also for offering SLA Service Level Agreements, warranty extensions, and repowering solutions for early-bird PV assets in South-East Asia.

What we can help you achieve

Consultation | Expert Services | Engineering | Supply

The Syntegra Solar Engineering Center of Competence (ECoC) represents Top Solar-PV Expertise, providing state-of-the-art Engineering Solutions for PV Power Plants and Power Systems, incl. Solar-PV Hybrid Power Systems.

Our PV Engineering Center of Competence is

  • a back-office in Germany/Switzerland featuring Top Experts, and 
  • represented locally by hands-on Solar PV Engineers and Experts. 

The Syntegra ECoC specializes in the most cost-effective (Design to Cost) and High-Performance PV System Designs, with a focus on typical Swiss-German top quality and highest reliability, resulting in superior energy yields, technical performance, and highest returns on investment – throughout the entire life-time of solar PV systems.

Our design engineer team, both in Thailand and in Germany, will work hand in hand with our clients to determine the most cost-effective and highest performance solar power plant / systems design. We are able to present various PV system design alternatives, based on a detailed analysis of costs, performance, project timeline, and quality assurance measures. In many instances, we optimize key input factors determining costs-performance-reliability – using most advanced software and engineering tools, we incorporate best-priced but top-quality PV components to deliver the highest value for money on your investment.

Lenders‘ Technical Advisor

Investment companies from around the world have trusted Syntegra time and time again to assess the financial risk of major Solar Infrastructure Projects.

Our comprehensive LTA studies provide review, evaluation and assessments of Lender’s large-scale utility projects.

The scope of work for these advisory services include, but are not limited to the following:
  • High Level Risk Assessment
  • Review of Feasibility Studies
  • Review Technical Specifications
  • Pre-Financial Closing Reports
  • Review of Project Costs
  • Review of Power Supply Agreements
  • Independent Energy Output Simulations
  • Review of PPA (Power Purchase Agreements
  • Quarterly Project Progress Reports

Owner’s Engineer Services (OES)

Our Owner’s Engineer Services for large scale PV power plants include technology feasibility and economic viability, tender solicitation and bid evaluation, contract negotiation support, commissioning, and final acceptance testing (FAT), bankable final acceptance test reports.

We have been trusted time and time again to be the stewards of capital, time, and resources for the shareholders of our projects.

The functions we perform as Owner’s Engineers include:
  • Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Energy Yield Simulation
  • Project Optimization Due Diligence
  • Preliminary Concept Design
  • EPC Tendering, Contract Preparation and Negotiations
  • Vendor Due Diligences
  • Contract Negotiation Support for EPC and O&M contracts
  • Site Handover Documentation
  • Incoming Goods Control
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspections on Works Completed 
  • Project Progress Status Reporting
  • Commissioning and Final Acceptance Test Due Diligence

EPC Project Management

We offer turn-key engineering, procurement and construction consulting services for rooftop power systems and ground mounted solar systems.

Utilizing the latest technology available

We design the most economical solutions for optimizing power output at best quality and reliability, to arrive at the most cost-effective results.

Syntegra Solar with its local subsidiaries develops and installs turn-key, and services PV rooftop power systems for investors in selected regions in Southeast Asia and the Gulf region, namely in the UAE.

Turnkey EPC Services, executed in top quality and provided with extensive guaranteed and warranties, including three years of Technical O&M Services to assure best performance, are rendered in South-East Asia by TSS TONA Syntegra Solar, with top references and ample credentials.

The PV expert engineers, technicians and skilled craftsman will deliver Solar PV Power Systems in top quality, efficiently and reliably even on a tight timeline, at highly competitive prices in Thailand.

Engineering - Procurement - Construction/Installation Process

Regional Syntegra PV Expert Teams in close collaboration with our highly experienced business partner firms in the key South-East Asian countries, provide reliable, fast, and top-expert technical O&M services for PV power plants and PV hybrid systems.

The key objective of technical services is to maintain flawless, uninterrupted PV power plant performance for highest availability; for this fast turn-around times – i.e. the time between an observed performance deviation, the identified, troubleshooted cause, and the remedy, e.g. repairs, replacements, testing, and full operations – is instrumental.  The ultimate goal is assuring that our clients’ PV assets delivers technical and financial performance, i.e. that power is generated to guarantee the financial model is fully intact. Timely reporting, on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, is an integral part of our technical O&M services. 

Our technical center of competence operates and manages service tasks, which are locally rendered by our PV service experts who are expertly trained PV engineers and technicians who can be deployed on short notice and having access to regionally stocked, readily available spare parts, thus assuring quickest turn-around times.

Our technical O&M services include:
  • Commissioning and Final Acceptance Testing
  • Remote Online Monitoring, on a 24/7 basis
  • Scheduled and Preventive Maintenance
  • Unscheduled Maintenance (Troubleshooting, Repairs, Testing)
  • SLA Service Level Agreements
  • Warranty extensions 
  • Repowering

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