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PV Advanced Expert Services

EE&PV Energy Efficiency Plus Solar PV

Superior solutions for Decarbonization and to achieving Net-Zero goals

We incorporate the latest technologies and best practices to optimize your energy use and reduce the carbon footprint

Improving efficiency for commercial and industrial facilities by transitioning to decarbonized energy sources

Founded in 1917 in Allendorf, Germany, Viessmann is one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable climate (heating, cooling, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions with location in 74 countries. As an innovation leader offering solutions for both consumer and commercial applications, Viessmann is also strongly invested in sustainable solutions, including the ongoing development of hydrogen technologies that will play a key role in the energy transition towards a net-zero future.
Founded 2012 as a 100% Viessmann company. Etanomics utilizes energy efficiency know-how from the Viessmann Group’s “Efficiency Plus” sustainability project: Increasing energy efficiency and replacing fossil fuels. Viessmann Werke at it Allendorf (Eder) site is already fulfilling Germany’s energy and climate policy goals for 2050 in an economical sensible manner with technology available on the market.
Founded in 2001, Syntegra Solar is a RE/PV Expert Technology / Industry Consulting and Advisory firm, specializes in Consulting & Advisory and Solar Project Development, recognized for its expertise and experience in Renewable Energies. Syntegra Solar provides Top Expert RE/PV Services in Europe, Baltic Region, Gulf Region, and most South East Asian countries. Syntegra Solar’s services cover the entire Solar Power System lifecycle.

Energy Efficiency Procedure for Decarbonization of Industrial Processes


Efficiency consulting

Data acquisition
Load curve analyses
On-site analysis


Energy concepts

Economic efficiency
CO2 evaluation



Accompaniment of the implementation
Planning / Tendering
Monitoring of compliance with the objectives of the client



Inter-trade composite tests
Monitoring trial operation
Control sequence


Transformation concepts

Portfolio analyses
Dealing with many individual objects
Prioritization and bundling

Roadmap showcasing roles and responsibilities of participants in different stages of EE/PV project implementation