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Consulting & Advisory

Top expertise in RE/Solar PV technology

Technical due diligence expert services

Technical Due Diligence with a focus on M&A transaction

Investment Due Diligences

Targeted no-frills investment Due Diligences carried out by senior industry experts for a fast, to-the-point validation of investments thesis and investments rationale.

Technology Due Diligences

Comprehensive technology evaluation covering products, R&D strategy, people and comprising:

  • status, timing,
  • markets and applications,
  • equipment services & facilities,
  • manufacturing due diligence,
  • risk analysis,

Commercial Due Diligences

Comprehensive commercial evaluation covering business plan, products, operations, people, incl.

  • product and product portfolio analysis,
  • market analysis,
  • competitive positioning,
  • customers and applications,
  • competitive environment,
  • cost structure and profitability,

Power Generation Systems

PV Systems Damage Appraisals

Investigations and appraisals on:

  • design flaws
  • hardware malfunction
  • underperformance of PV plants/systems

Bankable Due Diligences on:

  • origin and remedy of flaws/damages to protect PV power plant and system investments.

Arbitrage & Dispute Settlement

Juridical reports and expert witness statements, based on:

  • in-depth technology analysis
  • lab testing

to arrive at favorable settlements for our clients in arbitrage and dispute proceedings.