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Technology Innovation – Floating Solar Photovoltaic

What is FPV®?

Floating solar photovoltaic (FPV) is sort of solar array that floats on top of a body of water.
The general layout of an FPV system is similar to that of a land-based PV system, other than the fact that the PV arrays and often the inverters are mounted on a floating platform.

Magat Project overview

  1. 220 kWp system capacity
  2. Floating PV demonstrator system for SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP).
  3. Single floater, 50 meters in diameter with onshore inverters.
  4. SNAP (IPP), Syntegra (EPC), GCL-SI modules, and Huawei smart inverters.
  5. Local building regulations are typhoon category 4.
  6. Substantial seasonal variation in reservoir level in excess of 30 meters.
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What FPV® delivers?

Simple, fast and safe maritime installation

Safe and easy to perform.
Maritime installation caters for local workforce in many typical locations, no nuts and bolts.

Enhanced efficiency from direct water cooling

The power generation efficiency for the batteries installed on the water surface increases by an average of about 11% – 12%.

Considerably less logistics and thus lower total cost at scale

Overall logistics need for the buoyancy ring is about 10x lower than for competing pontoon-based systems.