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Consulting & Advisory

Lender’s Technical Advisor

We work with lenders, investors and sponsors to mitigate risk and maximize value.

Syntegra Solar have undertaken numerous technical and commercial consulting roles to advise investors, lenders, sponsors, and other stakeholders.

We are well versed in the range of technical solutions and commercial frameworks available in the market, as well as the strengths, weaknesses and risks associated with the available technologies, contracting strategies and suppliers/ contractors.

Technical Feasibility

  • On-site check / suitability
  • Assess proposed technologies and fit 
  • Scrutinize System Design 
  • Irradiation Calculation Report
  • Energy Harvest Simulations 
  • Review project management.
  • Evaluate timeline & milestones
  • Environmental considerations

Commercial Viability

  • Vendor capabilities and references of EPC and subs 
  • Review project mgmt. 
  • Evaluate timeline & milestones
  • Scrutinize EPC/O&M contracts and various sub-contracts: 
    • safeguarding Owners/Investor and subsequently Lenders 
    • ensure adequate risks mgmt. 
    • in case of delays and budget overruns recommend course of action/remedies

Construction & FAT Monitoring

  • Supervision of installation progress
  • Review & commenting on periodic EPC and OE reports
  • Review EPC and OE milestone reports and Test Reports/Results 
  • Witness the FAT Final Acceptance Testing 
  • Review project budget updates and recommend release of funds 

Operations Monitoring

  • Review monthly site / performance reports 
  • Final Check on punch list closure 
  • Confirm performance and comment/recommend on plant perf. Optimization
  • Check & comments on O&M services