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Consulting & Advisory

EPC Project Management for Selected Solar PV Application

Solar PV Project Development and Top-Expert EPC Services

C&I Solar PV Rooftop Projects

We are development of Solar PV RTS Projects. We offer:

  • Top Expert Engineering
  • Global Sourcing & Procurement

“Execution Excellence”:

  • Top-Quality Construction / Installation
  • Operations & Maintenance Services

Top quality PV EPC Expert Services

We offer Engineering, Procurement and turn-key Construction services in top quality, focusing on:

  • small- to mid-sized C&I PV Rooftop Systems,
  • Solar Power PLUS Systems and PV-Biogas Hybrid Power Systems, 
  • as well as single-MWp PV Power Plant Projects.

including three years of Technical O&M Services to assure best performance, are rendered in South-East Asia by TSS TONA Syntegra Solar, with top references and ample credentials.