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Technology Innovation

PEG® PV Module Array Substructure

PEG PV Module Array Mounting Systems

A “game changing” technology innovation allowing for significant cost-saving and highly efficient installations.
Designed and developed in Germany by Jurchen Technology GmbH.

What is PEG®?

The PEG substructure is a low-height solution, which sits on slender steel slats instead of high, solid-steel girders.

The patented construction consists of only three (03) parts: Rod, Base plate, and Top and Down plates. Each module connects to four (04) rods, one (01) per corner. 

Syntegra Solar is the PEG® substructure Sales Agent in the Southeast Asian market covering Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Laos.

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Further information is also available at  Jurchen Technology GmbH:
PEG® Patented Mounting System for Solar Power Plants

What PEG® delivers?

Effective installation improvement

Highly cost reduction

Best Land Utilization / Highest Power Density