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Subsidiaries & JVs

Syntegra Solar Thailand

a Joint Venture of Aspire Holding/Thailand and Syntegra Solar Int. AG.
Top-Expert Solar PV Engineering Services / Top-Quality EPC Services for PV Power Systems.

Business with an excellent reputation and a wide network in the Thai Renewable Energy Business Community

Syntegra Solar Thailand is a specialized Solar PV Consulting & Advisory and Solar PV Project Development firms, recognized for their focus and expertise in PV Technologies and Solar PV Power System applications. With decades of experience in PV Power Systems development, EPC and O&M., “we walk the talk”, as owners and investors in Solar Assets.

Experience Team Syntegra Solar Thailand

Syntegra PV Experts have been engaged in South-East Asia in > 1.5 GWp of large PV Power Plant Projects since 2012, EPC-Project Manager, Owner’s Engineer, Lender’s Technical Advisor, as Experts for Technical & Commercial Due Diligences. As a Top-Quality EPC, the Syntegra Group has developed / engineered, installed and commissioned ~60 MWp of PV Power Systems in SEA region.

Mathias G. Kothe

Dipl. Ing., MBA

33 years pioneering RE/PV Business- and Technology-Innovation, Solar PV Project Development, Consulting & Advisory in EU, GCC, SEA.
Dipl. Ing. Luft- & Raum-fahrt-Technik, TU Munich
MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge
Managing Director of Syntegra Solar Intl. AG

Pratch Kottanu

BSc, MSc

12 years Management and Project Development in RE Renewable Energy Projects with a focus on Solar PV in Thailand and SEA Region,
Successful Project Develop-ment of more than 220 MWp of namely Solar PV Systems
Top-Expertise in Solar PV Business, but also in Biogas, Biomass, Wind, as well as small Hydropower Plants.

Edgar A. Gunther


• 21 years of PV technology expertise applied to Solar Power Plants & Rooftop Solar Power Systems.
• RE/PV Expert Consulting + Advisory, Project Mgmt. of larger Solar PV Assets
• 1st PV Blogger (2006): The GUNTHER Portfolio Blog
• Multiple publications in leading Greentech- and PV-Tech Media (2010)

Moritz Sticher

Dipl. Ing., MBA

• 18 years of RE/PV Project Development,M&A Transactions, RE and PV Project Management.
• Expert for PV Projects in Thailand and Philippines.
• Deep Expertise in RE/PV Industry Consulting + Ad- visory in SEA-Region
• Numerous publications covering PV Industry and SEA Market.